A little about me

Artist based in Leicestershire

With a great love of Nature, a love of the great outdoors, and by no means least, an enduring love of animals, it is, I suppose, no surprise that these are the subjects I most often paint.

A walk with the dogs along the banks of the gently meandering river Soar, or through the woods and parklands of the beautiful Charnwood Forest, past peaceable cattle grazing verdant pastures always fills me with contentment. So if, in some small way, I am able to give a colourful tribute the lives of the animals, or the charm of the surrounding countryside, then I enjoy the challenge.

To pause a while by a weathered old tree standing stark against a seasonal sky, it's body forged by the passage of time and sculpted with imagery, is a potent reminder of the many past generations to have roamed this way before, maybe taking respite beneath its boughs to shade a sweated horse, or even seeking out its wooded privacy for a swift clandestine embrace!

If I can record that timeworn, hoary timber, eking out its time within a forever transforming landscape, then I enjoy the challenge.

A rugged coastline; dramatic rocks battling perpetual currents without surrender, speaks of a timeless Nature. If I can in some small way express the atmosphere, then I enjoy the challenge.

At the moment, I work mostly in Soft Pastel, relishing the richness of the pigments and the butteriness of application this medium offers. I like to paint with a looseness of expression, sometimes scraping back through layers to reveal tone and depth, whilst always trying to maintain energy of mark and vibrancy of colour.

To capture light and spirit are important to me. I like to find a dynamic angle for my work; a viewpoint with which to capture the character of my subject.

I hope this is in some way portrayed.

After studying Fashion Design at Loughborough Collage of Art and Design I spent many years, together with my husband, working in the fashion industry, alongside raising a lovely family of three, (and not forgetting many generations of faithful dogs!)  But now I have the chance and the time to paint - and how I enjoy it! 

  I hope that you enjoy browsing my site, and just maybe finding something you would like to hang on your wall .....